The menstrual cup from Cornwall tackling plastic waste & educating 

girls on their menstrual health in Zambia 


how it works 

Women & girls in Zambia are then educated on how to have healthier & safer periods 

You have an environmentally friendly period & help women in Zambia do the same! 

You buy a Talula Cup from

Talula Cup UK

We give a share of the profit from your cup to our sister company in Zambia 


what is a talula cup?


We are proud to be Cornwall's first menstrual cup supplier! A Talula Cup is a menstrual cup

made of 100% medical grade silicone. The cup is an alternative to disposable plastic sanitary items, such as tampons and pads, helping reduce your environmental impact. A share of profits from each cup go 

towards educating women & girls in Zambia on their menstrual health. The Talula Cup comes

in 2 sizes to suit every woman, & with the right care can last up to 10 years. 

talula in africa 


When you buy a Talula Cup, part of the profit goes towards helping develop our sister company's 

education project in Zambia, teaching women and girls about their menstrual health & plastic waste.

Introducing the Talula Cup means women can have a safer, more hygienic & easier period.

Talula Cup UK 

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visit our sister company to find out how we're helping educate women in Zambia on their menstrual health and plastic waste 


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