how do i use the talula cup? 

Each cup comes with an instruction leaflet & after a bit of practice you'll know what

method works best for you.  


With the right care, your Talula Cup can last up to 10 years. Have a look at our

FAQs & cup safety for more info. 


Wash your hands and rinse your cup 


Fold your cup into a C shape and insert, move it around until it fully opens 


You can leave your cup in for up to 10 hours. 


To remove, lightly twist the cup and remove gently* 


Tip the contents away and wash in warm water 


Re-insert or boil for a few minutes before replacing your cup in its bag, ready for next time 

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*Remember, it's important you don't pull on the stem to remove your cup. Menstrual cups act like a suction to catch blood, so to avoid any internal damage when you remove them,

you need to break the suction seal.


In our instructions, we suggest you lightly twist your cup, however you can also gently squeeze it too.

This BBC video is useful if you need to see what we mean!