talula cup UK 

We are incredibly proud to be Cornwall's first menstrual cup supplier!

Sisters Ella & Lauren started Talula Cup UK in 2018 after meeting Ali, who runs Talula Cup in Zambia. We saw the positive & amazing work that Ali & her team were carrying out in Zambia 

& wanted to do something to support them from the UK.  


- We decided our ethos was simple - 


 help reduce plastic waste on our beaches & in our oceans by promoting the use of menstrual cups

support Ali with her menstrual health education projects in Zambia

no more plastic waste 


We want every female to be able to have a hygienic, safe & environmentally friendly period. Sanitary waste has a huge impact on our planet - 200,000 tonnes a year to be precise.


Owning a reusable Talula Cup drastically cuts your plastic waste consumption & helps

women in Zambia do the same. 

We were interviewed by BBC Radio Cornwall & BBC Radio Oxford about plastic waste & how to do your bit. 




Talula Cup UK 

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visit our sister company to find out how we're helping educate women in Zambia on their menstrual health and plastic waste 


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