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Our founder Ali discovered the menstrual cup back in 2006 & has been advocating its usefulness ever since. Ali & her small team took on the task of introducing the Talula Cup to women across Zambia. The team travel around the country giving talks on menstrual health & hygiene, while introducing the cup as a healthy, money saving alternative to rags and pads. The benefits of Talula Cup aren’t just personal either, the positive environmental impact it has will help change the plastic waste problem in Africa too.

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Ali & some of

the Talula team! 


The team out in Zambia encourage open dialogue amongst the women & the need to communicate with their daughters about menstrual health & hygiene. In many cases the team has discovered how little is passed on due to lack of education, traditions and embarrassment due to the taboos surrounding the subject. At present most rural school girls will skip school for a few days each month due to lack of sanitary protection. Likewise, rural women with no access to reliable menstrual products will stay at home during their period to avoid embarrassment & accidents, losing valuable time and income. 


Now we have started to spread the word of Talula in the UK, & although we are still a very small business based in Cornwall, we give part of the profit of each cup we sell here to Talula Cup in Zambia. This means Ali can afford to continue to train the women who share the benefits of Talula, reach the remote villages & farms & expand her work to other Africa countries. Mozambique is next on the list. 

Talula Cup UK needs people like you to spread the word to the women who need us the most. 

Talula Cup UK believes that every woman & girl has the right to a fuss free period, no matter where you are in the world.


Ali’s latest project is to donate a Talula Cup to every woman in a Correction Facility in Zambia. See the link at the bottom of the site for more information.