"Comfier than a tampon!

The fact that I’m also saving money & being eco-friendly is an absolute bonus! Love my Talula cup. I’m confident & secure every month." 

 Harriette, 25

"Sooooo much better & more comfy than my old moon cup :) The money savings are huge. The environmental savings are immeasurable. All girls should be having plastic free periods." 

Michelle, 40's

"The Talula Cup has changed my life for the better and I can’t imagine going back. The fact it is also helping a worthy cause is an amazing bonus of the purchase. 

Fraya, 19

"I love my cup & the packaging is so so nice!" 

Lauren, 23

Talula Cup UK 

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visit our sister company to find out how we're helping educate women in Zambia on their menstrual health and plastic waste 


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